We have a new name!

Introducing our new name and lookPolio Survivors Ireland is the new name for Post Polio Support Group, reflecting the way polio survivors refer to themselves and reminding the public ‘We’re Still Here’. This is a forward looking and outward approach, in line with our Strategic Plan 2017 -2019. You can read more about why we have changed the day to day name here.

Polio Survivors Ireland is the new name for the Post Polio Support Group CLG. We are a charitable organisation set up by polio survivors to assist their fellow survivors.


The Polio Register is a means of getting a clear picture of how many polio survivors are in Ireland, so that we can advocate for the future of all polio survivors.


Polio survivors still have needs.
Talk to us – we understand.
Ring us on 01 889 8920


Join us, you can avail of our services
Or, you can help us to help polio survivors


Get involved – volunteer or fundraise, find out about our Networks, corporate opportunities or simply make a donation.

The Blue Book

Publications and Resources

Click the ‘Blue Book’ icon and check out our Publications page for further resources on Polio/Post Polio Syndrome

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Social Support Groups

We have 20 Social Support Groups around the country. To meet other polio survivors click the icon.
Note: for personal & confidential support you should contact the office.

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