We focus on maintaining the independence and dignity of polio survivors, supporting them at work, in the home and in other aspects of daily living.

The provision of certain services, such as, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy assessments, Counselling, Chiropody and Respite Care Breaks can be crucial to the sustenance and comfort of polio survivors.


We can make arrangements for polio survivors to receive physiotherapy treatment designed to alleviate pain and ease muscle and joint problems.  This is one of the main areas of treatment which can be of great assistance to polio survivors in maintaining their quality of life.


We can make arrangements for polio survivors and their carers to avail of short periods of rest and relief where necessary.  A short relaxing break can relieve weariness and lift your spirits


We can make arrangements for polio survivors to be assessed for a variety of equipment that they may require and receive professional advice on adapting their living environments to maximise their mobility and independence. Specialist help can make a big difference to comfort and wellbeing.


We can make arrangements for counselling support for polio survivors should they require it.  You can get constructive support from working with a professional counsellor.


We can make arrangements for polio survivors to receive treatment from chiropodists which can relieve pain or soreness and increase comfort while walking or taking part in other activities.