Social Support Groups


Social isolation is a problem for certain polio survivors because of their aging profile, depopulation in certain rural areas and stresses on the community fabric generally.

Social Support Groups provide a friendly environment and a structure within which polio survivors can meet and take part in activities to help manage their conditions.  Organising outings and social functions are an important part of the activity of Polio Survivors Ireland. It also means you have the opportunity to meet with fellow survivors and to learn from each other, in an understanding environment.


Regular meetings are held countrywide at which polio survivors can get together.  This can provide a focus for sharing information on the Late Effects of Polio, often with the help of specialist practitioners who frequently attend the meetings by arrangement.  If there is not a social support meeting near you and you have ideas for meeting with other polio survivors please let us know by telephone at 01 889 8920 or E-mail

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