Examiner Polio All Ireland Finals Piece 1956There are many historical resources about the history of polio in Ireland.

Our own publications, particularly Polio & Us (read online) along with How We Survived and Surprised (available for purchase), give great insight into the personal stories and recollections of polio survivors in Ireland.

You can read about the Polio Epidemic in Cork in Ireland’s History Magazine, History Ireland

We also have a selection of archived newspaper articles which you can see below.


120756 Examiner 15 Polio Cases Cork

080856  Examiner Minister in Touch with Cork Authorities

160756 Examiner First Death in Cork

170856 Examiner New Dates fixed for All Ireland

070596 Examiner Polio Comes Back to Haunt

180756 Examiner Blessing against Polio

250756 Examiner Good Recovery Expected

210756 Examiner Lord Mayor Appeal

260756 Examiner General Character Mild Polio outbreak

250756 Examiner 58 Positive Polio Cases

260756 Examiner 65 Polio Cases Confirmed

310756 Examiner Low Poll Expected