Support Us

We offer a comprehensive system of supports to polio survivors.

Fundraising is key to knitting these together.

The proceeds raised are applied swiftly and directly to meet a variety of survivor needs.

Fundraising complements the funding from the HSE which covers administration and certain service provisions.

Most importantly, as a result of the generosity of donors and funders, we are better able to respond to the needs of polio survivors, particularly in stressful or emergency situations.

Examples of how fundraising helps:

Winter Heating Grant: to help those struggling with the high cost of heating bills – polio survivors are intolerant to cold as a result of their condition and may need extra heating to get them through the long winter months.

Aids and Appliances: to assist survivors in remaining independent, staying mobile and avoiding falls. These can include Orthotics such as callipers, crutches, special footwear and braces, and Mobility Aids, such as rollators, wheelchairs and motorised scooters.

Customised Footwear: polio survivors need customised and very expensive footwear. Without special footwear, they face difficulties maintaining their mobility.

Orthotics: these reduce pain and risk of injury to the user, helping them to maintain their independence and ensure safety. They are individually made, ranging from a simple orthotic insert for a shoe, up to a full leg calliper fitted specifically to the wearer.

These supports can be vital to ensure polio survivors are not at risk of hypothermia, or are socially included and able to participate in activities outside the home.