European Polio Union

We are a founder member of the European Polio Union (EPU) and, until recently, continued to have a Polio Survivors Ireland member serving on its governing body.

About EPU

The EPU has 18 member organisations from 16 countries, which are within the European Union or Associate EU counties. These organisations represent polio survivors, their families and carers. Only three member organisations have permanent offices and staff, including ourselves, the British Polio Fellowship (BPF) and the Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims (PTU). These EPU members provide much of the support that the EPU needs to grow. It aims to in time stand on its own feet, as a European wide pressure group advocating the recognition within the 27 EU member states, and associated states, of Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), with full benefits under those countries’ individual healthcare structures. (Polio Survivors Ireland hosts the EPU website –

Source of Information

The EPU website brings together information, advice and knowledge from across Europe. This spans articles and entries specifically for the medical professional, as well as a wealth of general information for the polio survivor. For example, tips for travellers including why in some cases polio survivors may still need to be vaccinated against the disease when travelling to certain hot spots around the world.

It also includes Medical Cards that can be printed off, filled in and carried by those with PPS, cautioning medical professionals about their condition. The cards are in various languages including English, French, Spanish, German and several other eastern European languages.


In 2010, the EPU in conjunction with PTU, started arranging an international conference “Post Polio Syndrome – the challenge of today” held in Copenhagen in September 2011. We sponsored and presented two papers: one by Anne Shanahan on the “Warm Embrace of Peer Support”, the other by Deirdre Murray, Research Physiotherapist at Beaumont Hospital, on “Exercise and Fatigue in PPS Patients”.

The EPU is a young progressive organisation which enjoys our full support. EPU became a registered company and charity under Belgian law in 2009.

The latest newsletter from the EPU with all the news from our European polio colleagues, can be found by clicking here: EPU NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2018_final version.

For the EPU website, click EPU