National Polio Register

Did you have polio?

The National Polio Register is a new initiative by Polio Survivors Ireland, as a means of getting a clear picture of how many polio survivors are in Ireland, so that we can advocate for the future of all polio survivors.

Register to safeguard your future.

“We are piloting this National Polio Register firstly in Galway,” says Fran Brennan, CEO. “We know there are 7,000 Polio Survivors estimated to live in Ireland, yet less than 1,000 are members of our organisation. We’ve consulted with our members to see what the main concerns are for Polio Survivors as they continue to age. It is vital that they are not forgotten as a population and that statutory planning for medical care and social welfare benefits take into account their needs relating to Polio.” 

Who Should Register?

All polio survivors living in Ireland are asked to register to help us to find out how many are still here.
Many will develop Late Effects of Polio or Post-Polio Syndrome. We are here to help if that happens.

Why Record the number of Polio Survivors?

For strength in numbers – a proper picture of how many polio survivors are in Ireland helps us to campaign for the supports needed now and in the future.

With more evidence of the need, we can advocate for improved and tailored services and supports for polio survivors. We can advise polio survivors about the services and supports available from the statutory services as well as from Polio Survivors Ireland.

Safeguard your future

We can ensure the needs of polio survivors are better understood, by educating medical professionals, social care providers and health policy makers, about the reality for all those still impacted by the legacy of polio.

By registering you are helping us to safeguard the future of all polio survivors, whether or not you are experiencing the Late Effects of Polio. With your help we can make sure that polio survivors have a stronger voice.

What you can do

• Click here to fill in the Polio Register Form
• Inform other polio survivors
• If you know someone who had polio tell them about the register
• Medical & Social Care Professionals – please encourage your patients and clients to register.

For a copy of the Polio Register leaflet in Arabic, click the following link: Arabic Polio Register Leaflet.

Polio Survivors Ireland

To find out about supports and services we provide to polio survivors, or for information for health professionals regarding polio, please see or call 01 889 89 20.