Polio & Us 2021

Polio & Us 2021

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 edition of Polio & Us is available to purchase, online or via the office. This is a re-issue of the 2007 ‘Polio & Us’ – personal stories of polio survivors in Ireland.

As many of you might recall, this book was coordinated by Paula Lahiff and edited by the late Nuala Harnett. The book was launched in 2007 and was considered an important part of keeping the legacy of polio alive, ensuring that the impact of this disease would not be forgotten.

As time has passed, a number of the contributors including Nuala, have passed on. However, as a testament to this work and to continue to highlight the legacy of polio, we have recently republished this book.

The book has been given a fresh look and update, but the content and stories remain the same. We have remained faithful to the original edition; we feel it is a testament to Nuala’s work and the stories it contains, which should not be forgotten.

We will also complement its release with some media activity in the coming while, as appropriate to the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Polio & Us cover

Our thanks to designer Geraldine Martin, who was responsible for giving the book design a refresh, and to Jackie Minnock, whose wonderful photo features on the cover – the essence of positivity and resilience.

Thanks also to Nuala’s husband, John and daughter Susan, for supplying her original files and to everyone who supported this project once again.

How to Purchase

  • Send a cheque or postal order to Polio Survivors Ireland, Unit 319, Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7.
  • Follow the link below to pay by debit or credit card. You do not need a paypal account to pay online.

If ordering by post, please ensure you include your details so we can send you out the book. Please allow 7-10 days as we are working remotely.


  • Members – €15 including postage
  • Non-members – €20 including postage

All proceeds from Polio & Us go to helping provide services and supports to polio survivors. 

Pay Here

Please use the down arrows to chose member or non-member price & quantity. The total is calculated on confirming the payment.