The Polio Register is launching in the South East

By July 2, 2019Polio Register

We are delighted that the National Polio Register is now rolling out in the South East, with promotional activity going on in Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford at present. The Polio Register is to give us a clearer picture of how many polio survivors there are in the South East, so we can advocate for the future of all polio survivors.

We have already launched this Register in Cork, Galway, and Kildare and over 300 polio survivors, who weren’t previously in contact with us have joined the Register since we began.

Many people who have registered had never previously heard of our organisation. Since registering, many have been able to access services or gained support that they would not have had up to now.

With an estimated 7,000 survivors living in Ireland only 1,000 are members of Polio Survivors Ireland. It is vital that they are not forgotten as a population and that statutory planning for medical care and social welfare benefits take into account their needs relating to polio.

All polio survivors living in the South East are asked to register – those who are already members do not need to register, they are automatically included in figures.

We are here to help, particularly if people develop Post Polio Syndrome or Late Effects of Polio.  By registering you are helping to safeguard the future of all polio survivors. We can make sure that polio survivors have a stronger voice.