Seeking people with disabilities in Tipperary

Voice ILMI

Would you like to learn new skills, meet more people and work  towards being a more active agent for change in your local community? Then sign up for our  one hour free online workshops over the next 5 weeks. (The first has already taken place).

“VOICE” stands for Virtual Online Inclusive Communities for Empowerment and is based on digital networking, peer mentoring and empowering disabled people to be agents for change.

It uses Zoom to build online collective spaces for disabled people. This is a practical way to connect with other disabled people and work together to resolve a local issue, i.e., an access issue, or get advice from others in the sessions on getting on the local council housing list etc.

To participate, please contact or call or text 087 7189237 – the Voice project will continue for another 5 weeks and Nicola hopes to cover Cork and Kerry soon.