New – Fundraising Toolkit 2019

We are delighted to launch our 2019 Fundraising Toolkit!

This was initially developed by our hardworking fundraising committees over the years, however, with the advent of all things internet, we have slimmed it down and you can now read it online – just click below!

Fundraising Toolkit 2019

There are many ideas for events, ways to fundraise and what’s involved. The key thing we always remind our supporters, is that the simplest task can often return the greater result. So before you decide to organise a backpack – do you have the people to help. Would you get the same return in funds by approaching the local supermarket’s community fund?

Look at what’s local: community funds, council discretionary funds, businesses in your area, grants in your locality, the court poor box and so on.

If you have any questions, contact Emma at or 01 889 8920 – we are always looking for people to join our Fundraising Network who can support these simple endeavours.