Mansion House Crib Collections

By December 23, 2021Events

Members of Polio Survivors Ireland volunteering at the recent Mansion House Live Crib collections in Dublin

This year, we were delighted to be able to supply some volunteers from our members, to the Mansion House Fuel Fund’s Live Crib collections.

This fund has been very generous to us in the past and lots of our members were kind enough to give an hour on Sunday 19th December, to support this.

Our thanks to the staff of the Mansion House, in particular the Stewart on the day, and Nigel Ross for his support with this fundraising event. Huge appreciation goes to all who volunteered and to the many members, who we know would have liked to but were unable to for health or other reasons.

Thank you Pat, Josephine, Tom, Rita, Isabelle, Roisin, Joseph, Mick, Pat, Dolores, Georgina, Abayomi, Breege, Anne, Alice and daughter Yvonne.