Make Way Day 2019 – Bray

The Make Way Day 2019 campaign has continued through the day (Thursday 26th September) with many of our members going out in their local areas and stickering obstacles that have caused them or others problems.

One of the greatest purposes of Make Way Day is to make the public think before they block a pathway, be it with a car, a bin, a bike, hedges or any other way in which a person with a disability is unable to pass. This also impacts on people with buggies and those with young children who maybe have to step into a dangerous road to get by an obstacle.

It affects many of us, but of course wheelchair and scooter users are most impacted, along with those with visual impairment – either because they cannot turn back, or cannot step into that busy road or cannot see the obstacle.

We hope that this campaign remains in people’s minds outside of today – where do you park your car and could it cause a danger? Where is your bin left? Is your bike going to cause a problem?

Let’s Make Way everyday. Congrats to all involved and a huge thanks to those who took part.

Pictured are our members, Joyce, Josie and Tom in Bray. They noted that the town council and traders should be commended for their awareness as they couldn’t find any obstructions!