How to save your contacts

Have you recently changed over to a gmail account from, because of the impending charges?

If so, you might need to carry over your email contacts that you had saved in the account. One of our members did this recently and has shared the steps to follow, to help make this a little easier for you.


In your Eir account:

  • Go to Preferences and select Import/Export
  • Under Export Type, select Contacts and then Account Contacts from the drop-down menu
  • Under Export Source, select the Contacts folder and click OK (if you have your contacts in sub-folders, you will have to export each one separately)
  • Click Export. A file will be created in Excel and will be saved in your Downloads folder with the filename “Contacts

In your Gmail account:

  • Open your Google Contacts – you can access this by clicking on the Google Apps icon in the top right hand corner and clicking on Contacts
  • Click on Import at the bottom of the panel on the left hand side
  • Click on Select file. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and select the “Contacts” file you created when you were in your Eir account: click Open and it will appear as the selected file
  • Click on Import. The “Contacts” file will appear in the panel on the left hand side with the label “Imported” followed by the date.  Click on the file to see your contacts.  All the contacts in this file will also be added to you Contacts folder at the top of the panel.  You can now delete the imported file.