Getting vaccine ready

By March 2, 2021Events

On Wednesday 17th February, the Irish Gerontology Society held their first online public lecture ‘Getting Ireland’s Adults COVID-Vaccination Ready’.  

Over 6,000 people registered to attend the live event and a further 10,000 viewed the recording afterwards on the IGS website. If you missed it, here are some of the main points that could be important to you, before vaccination:

  • There was some general advice to mind yourself by reducing stress, eating a good healthy diet, getting 7-9 hours sleep per night and to exercise moderately (appropriate to your abilities, for example chair exercising if you cannot move around).
  • It was also observed that good humour and laughter are essential, especially during this time of crisis.
  • If you are iron deficient, vaccines don’t work so well, however this is not tested on covid vaccination.
  • Vitamin D and is extremely important for immunity. It is known that individuals deficient in Vitamin D are less well protected against flu after being vaccinated.
  • There is a significant boost to anti-body response with exercise, if your heart rate raises and you get breathless even doing chair exercise, this is enough to help immunity.

Please discuss taking any supplements with your GP or Pharmacist.

There is a need for caution in the coming months, but it is expected that natural immunity will build up in the community. Gradually restrictions will reduce.

Days before vaccination:
Be well rested, well hydrated, avoid alcohol the day before, the day of your vaccination and on the day after. Take paracetamol and plan light work in the days surrounding your vaccination.

Finally, it was said by the panel – let’s give oxygen to hope – we will soon be together engaging in laughter, with our friends and family, with great certainty and optimism.

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