eircom.net mail to start charging monthly fee

Using an eircom.net email address?  Eir to impose €5.99 monthly charge on users of its email addresses

A monthly charge of €5.99 will kick off in April, with users of the email advised to switch to a free service. If you do not pay the monthly fee, your account may be deleted.

Given that eircom.net is one of the ‘older’ services, being almost 20 years old, many people probably have used it to sign up to other services, such as Facebook, Amazon etc. Rather than paying the monthly fee, now is the time to look at changing to a new email and changing any account details that use the eircom.net address.

There is a good article here in the Irish Times, which explains step by step how to bring your contacts and old emails over to a new service, once you’ve set that up. Gmail is probably one of the easiest and most popular options.

It has been reported online that some scam emails are doing the rounds, seeking credit card details or the service will be lost – please be extra vigilant to these type of unsolicited emails, and if in doubt, report all suspicious activity to your local Garda station.