#Budget24 – Polio Survivors Ireland Press Release

In advance of the Budget 2024, Polio Survivors Ireland is urging the government to consider the 5,000 polio survivors across the country. Fuel Allowance must be automatically provided to polio survivors, be ‘needs assessed’ and increased to €35 a week all year round.

Polio Survivors Ireland is calling on the government to automatically provide the Fuel Allowance to 5,000 polio survivors across Ireland as they experience extreme intolerance to the cold. Polio Survivors Ireland is also urging the government to shift from means-testing to needs-based assessments for supplementary social welfare payments related to energy and health. This would ensure fairer support and include those just above set income thresholds who are still struggling with essential day-to-day expenses.

See our full press release by clicking here.

Post Polio Heating

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